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Super Soul Flow is an 8-week Meditation Course that will guide you into a whole 
new perspective of WHO YOU TRULY ARE in this life.
Take Super Soul Flow any time and enjoy LIVE Group Calls on Sunday mornings once a month with Whitney Freya & special 
guests, for the lifetime of this course--for sure through 2021!

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You will KNOW at the end of this super fun session with Whitney Freya, if you are one of the souls ready to learn this style of 

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Whitney Freya’s enthusiasm for your own MAGIC and POSSIBILITY is contagious.
 Join Whitney as she explores the Australia beach for the first time. Wait until you see how Mother Nature 
teaches along with her!!!
In Part II of Session 1
you enjoy a guided meditation at the ocean in Australia - and wait until you see
how the ocean HELPS me teach the session!!!
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Course Outline
Week One
Begin your Super Soul Flow Art Journal with a powerful sacred symbol that will activate a new spiritual awareness.
Week Two
Experience your first guided meditation and paint the energy of FREEDOM on your Super Soul Flow Meditation Canvas.
Week Three
This is the end of WORRYING. 
Paint the energy you received during the meditation to abundance, peace and clarity.
Week Four
Connect to Mother eARTh in a whole 
new way and paint the symbol given to you by your Gaia Self.
Week Five
You travel the bridge from fear to LOVE and paint images and symbols of your new Heaven on eARTh!
Week Six
Access your own wise-woman self with priceless insight into how to live and CREATE life to its fullest NOW. Paint the gifts you receive into the layers of your meditation canvas.
Week Seven
Receive new clarity into the steps 
you want to take RIGHT NOW as a 
Life Artist!
Week Eight
You now get your wings! You will 
complete your angel wings on your meditation canvas and celebrate your 
NEW outlook on life!
About Whitney
I believe my journey is reflective of your own…

I grew up a wanna-be artist. I didn’t believe that I had inherited the “artistic gene” and was so envious of my friends who were “artistic”. Or maybe you have always loved art AND grew up thinking there was good and bad art, and you either had talent or you did not. After realizing the empowering benefits of how the creative process at the canvas and in life are one and the same, I exploded into my creative self. I opened my first art center in 1996, and along the way my spiritual journey merged with my creative journey.

Super Soul Flow is the miraculous merging of these two journeys, and finally allows my SOUL to lead the way. Each week we go to our Meditation Canvas to integrate what we learn in our Super Soul Flow Meditations (delivered in my video lessons AND our live video calls). By the end of these eight weeks, you will have your PAINTING wings fully aligned with your Infinite (winged) Self!
Super Soul Flow is a process that I was given during a time of deep personal processing. I’ve worked to bring you a process that will bring you so many possibilities.

What do you think might shift in your life, when you learn to believe and see that the world around you loves you?

Super Soul Flow is intended for YOU if you are excited and ready to lead yourself and those around you, over the bridge from fear to love. The monthly calls are to bring your own personal piece of heaven down into your space on earth. I believe our ability to fully integrate our infinite, multi-dimensional nature was not fully available until NOW.

I want you to experience your canvas as your guide, as your temple… as your own retreat. For me painting IS spirituality. My personal painting practice has guided me into incredible new levels of joy, abundance, intuition, peace, detachment and POSSIBILITY.
In my book, Rise Above - Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time, and in this meditation course, I invite you to join me at the canvas and to go within your own creative nature, in order to remember how HAPPY and MAGICAL life can be!
I invite you to learn more about Super Soul Flow, the Mediation course so you can self select if this the right journey for you… remember you are the treasure you seek.
Thank you Whitney for being a gift to the world!
SSF is all about living the freedom of choosing differently at any given moment. Am I choosing now Love or... Fear? I learnt to make space so that I can see the bigger picture even when I 'believe' I am entangled into difficult choices. This program brought me to tap into my own intuition and to fully TRUST my own answers in such a simple and yet deep way. The more I do, the more simple it becomes... a living meditation. Thank you Whitney for being a gift to the world. 
This course is pure 
brilliance!!!! You've done it again Whitney!!!!!!
Super Soul Flow is like living a 
turbo-charged life!!! By learning easy to apply meditation strategies we discover that we contain everything we need to access our infinite intelligence and tap into the very change we are seeking.This course is pure brilliance!!!! You’ve done it again Whitney!!!!!! So glad I am along for the ride! Thank you!!!
No more worries! 
No more fear!
SSF is SO much more than a meditation. 
It is a tool for creating and living the life you desire. I worked on a few worries when I first began and it worked wonders. 
Now that I am practicing more and more, when a worry comes up I can tap into a “living meditation”. No more worries! 
No more fear! I simply call up the aspect of me that I want to tap into. The answers are all there waiting for me in every moment. My inner guide is ready for me to call on her and provide me with support I choose LOVE!
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Painting Meditation Prompts with
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Painting Meditation
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